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When designing an optical system, it is advantageous to include the consideration of an optical coatings' impact on performance and cost early in the design phase, to avoid unexpected complications later in the project. Call Dominar early in the process.

At Dominar, we design our coatings using in-house developed software in conjunction with commercially available software products.

In most cases, Dominar can analyze your request and provide feedback on producibility, or make a recommendation quickly.

We can usually provide a quotation within 24 hours. Items which may take longer are: any custom substrate or lens, or when a great deal of analysis is involved.

With some exceptions, our capabilities include coatings which operate between 200-3500 nm. Our coating equipment and measurement capability extend across that range.

Using time tested processes and methods, we analyze your specification to ensure the coatings we provide will meet all of the requirements, with any exceptions noted in the quotation.

In certain instances, coatings can be custom designed to solve particular problems. Call with your requirements. We will analyze the trade-offs and present you with the existing options.


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